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As an organization and as individual members we will do our best to save and protect both lives and property through professional incident response.


We will also serve our community by responsibly caring for our customers and each other, and by continually educating the public and ourselves.


Welcome to Hadley Township Fire Department, located in the southwestern corner of Lapeer County, Michigan. We are a rural department that covers 36 square miles, as well as a small portion of Elba Township on the southern end of Lake Lapeer.


Hadley Township is a rural community that boasts two State Recreational Parks, numerous lakes, wooded areas, rolling hills, farm land and a small village. Our population is just over 4,500.


Our department employs dedicated volunteer/pay-per-call firefighters and medical first responders—responding to an average of 260 incidents a year. Incidents include but are not limited to:

Structure/Wildland/Vehicle Fires

Medical Emergencies

Vehicle & Watercraft Accidents

Ice & Open Water Rescue/Recovery

Search & Rescue

Utility Incidents

Grain Bin Rescue

Tornadoes & Other Weather Incidents


Information that the HFD would like residents to know about:


Our ISO Rating is 6 for most of the Township, if your residence is in the southern end, the ISO Rating could be a 5. The lower the ISO Rating the lower your homeowners insurance should be. For additional information please contact the Fire Chief.


There is a driveway ordinance for emergency vehicle access. Homes that sit beyond 150 feet from the roadway should have a minimum width of 14’ x 14’ high without obstructions (trees, tree limbs, bushes, etc.). If your home is on fire we want to be able to quickly access it.


Our department responds to many burn complaints, please burn responsibly…the smoke from your fire should not be blowing into your neighbor’s home. Any fire larger than a campfire (3’ in diameter) requires a burning permit which can be obtained at the top menu. Basic burning rules are also listed.


Volunteerism continues to be an increasing problem around the nation. It’s no different here in Hadley. We are always looking for men and women to strengthen our roster. Applicants can be firefighters, medical first responders or both. If you are interested, please contact the Fire Chief.

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